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Chess Notes by Edward Winter

A treasure trove of chess history and culture


We will be posting interesting reading materials here in future.


In the meantime, you may be aware that there are a number of websites where many chess books are available to view and share - such as 1 File download and KUPDF 


Should you use such sites?

Obviously, there are technical risks involved in down-loading any material from the internet - so make sure your virus protection etc. is sound as normal.   More difficult are the legal-ethical issues. Here is a very interesting article from the Guardian discussing the rights and (in this article especially) the wrongs of such  "piracy".  Speaking personally, I am happy to download books for personal and educational use - because I do not believe ideas and knowledge should be a commodity.  Once in the pubic domain, ideas and knowledge should be common property; restricting access to them (through copyright or further commercial activity) is a public harm. That authors (let alone publishers) "need to make a living"  from their creative efforts is not, for me at least, a sufficient justification for this public harm. Their reward and livelihood should arise from the  creation and sharing of ideas and knowledge - not from their rationing. But these are only my views - they are not a position of our Club!

Of course - you will decide for yourself

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