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About Us: Welcome



Our History


The present Hull Chess Club dates back to 1889, when it met at the Grosvenor Hotel, on Carr Lane in Hull [Noble, 2018**].  Ever since when we have welcomed all chess players - whatever their playing strength or background. 


Our claim to be the '"Yorkshire's Premier Club" comes from our domination of chess in the county on the late 20th century - winning the Yorkshire first division title an unprecedented 14 years in a row 1987-2000!     We are not quite as strong a club just now - but will be again!   Maybe it should just be "East Yorkshire's Premier Club" just now!

**  Noble, R. K. (2018) Rank & File: a Brief Histry in Words and Pictures of Chess in Hull and the Surrounding Area


What Chess and our Chess Club offer

 At the Hull Chess Club you will be guaranteed a warm welcome whether you are a budding Magnus Carlsen, Master or just a simple 'Woodpusher' looking to play a few friendly games.  You are certain to find new friends at our chess club.  Members are of all experience and ability levels, ranging from 220 to 65 on the ECF grading list.    Experienced players will often be happy to offer advice and assistance to beginners  who wishes to improve their game. 

One of the great attractions of the game is that the moves are easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master. Chess is an international game, no matter where a person is from or what social status two players can share a game on equal terms. When you play the outside world drifts away and the players become immersed in their own imagination. Chess is organised throughout the country. Our members are encouraged to join the national federation - the
ECF, Once someone learns how to play, a game can be found in any city on any continent.    Each player develops his or her own 'style' and this often reflects in their personality. Some players like to attack, some defend while others play a positional game.   An interesting fact is that more books have been written about chess than any other subject.

Our venue The Hull Chess Club meets at the The Meeting Hall of Charterhouse on Wednesday and Friday evenings . The clubs playing conditions are excellent:   Good sized tables and chairs and first-class lighting is offered.  The club provides all the equipment necessary; Boards ,Sets, Clocks and Score sheets etc.  Tea and Coffee is available for a small charge to players.     Car parking is easy and free on street after 6.00pm.

Juniors are welcome. The club tries to maintain a junior program where experienced players give training and play games.    Parents: your child is welcome at the Hull Chess Club. The Club provides a safe, supervised and friendly atmosphere for young people. Tuition is provided by senior players  who are able to explain and teach all aspects of the game.   Chess is a mind sport. Experts say the game is the perfect antidote to technology because it teaches children to concentrate for long periods. Children taught chess show improved concentration, numeracy, logical thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving skills. It teaches them to think ahead and that actions have consequences.  Chess as an international sport has its own Olympics organised by the international chess federation FIDE.   The necessary equipment is inexpensive, and the skills it helps develop are invaluable to any child. The world's greatest Grandmasters learned chess in their childhood. As a chess player, your child will learn to concentrate, and act less impulsively. As players progress, they must tap into higher level thinking skills: skills which can translate into superior academic performance. Many of the countries best players have obtained degrees from the top university and gone on to have good careers.       

Please  see here for our Club's Safeguarding Policy

'Serious' Competitions and League Chess      The Club provides competitive chess for members through internal competitions and local league matches all year round.   The local leagues are run by the Hull and District Chess Association and further information can be found on the  H&DCA site .  We have competitions and team places available for every playing ability. The club has a long adopted policy that every member can if they wish play for a team in the local league.

Club Nights   No - not that type of Club night!   Twice a week on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7.00.  New members welcome on either night.   On 'normal' club nights 5 minute 'blitz' , relaxed social games, game analysis, chess puzzles and variants are all very popular among players who have no 'serious' games arranged.  Other board games are played and welcome.  

The atmosphere is friendly and visitors are always welcome, you will meet a variety of people interested in chess.  Join us at our next meeting -you'll be glad you did!

How much does it cost?

Visit us for a few nights.  If you enjoy it, we will be happy for you to join. Full membership fees work out at around a £1 a week! ... and we have even lower fees for new members and new junior members


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