What is being played for?
All players are competing for the

  • Hull CC Champion Title and Trophy (and Runner-Up)

Other Titles and Trophies:

  • Hull CC Major Champion             (for players rated 1600-1800)
    Hull CC Intermediate Champion (for players rated 1300-1599)
    Hull CC Minor Champion             (for players rated under 1300)
    Hull CC Under 16 Trophy 

       Hull CC Championship Best Game Prize


  • You play all 6 rounds – this is not a knock-out trophy


  • When do you play your games?

    Round 1 -  Oct 8th to NOVEMBER 19th         Round 4 -  Feb 20th to MARCH 25th  

    Round 2 - Nov 21st  to JANUARY 11th           Round 5 -  Mar 27th  to APRIL 29th

    Round 3 - Jan 13th to FEBRUARY 18th         Round 6 -  Apr 30th  to MAY 27th


  • Please contact your opponent to arrange a mutually convenient date

    • Please do this early in the period, to avoid later problems

  • Games can be played on Wednesdays or Fridays

  • Please do not arrange games for: Friday 22nd (Hull Congress) and Friday 29th (Five minutes Tournament)

  • If you are needed for a Team Match, please give it priority over individual games


  • All games must be recorded and will count for ECF ratings.   Please join the ECF if you have not done so already


  • Time Control – 75 minutes each + 10 second increment per move

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