60 years a member of our Club; the strongest player in Hull for many of those ; former Yorkshire Champion and British veterans Champion; still a nifty on-line player.

Happy Birthday from your friends at the Club Roelof! 


Brother Duko, David Stothard, Mark Collinson, Phil Bawden and John Scotter join Roelof and others

at The Molescroft - for birthday meal

Dave Hambly and Phil watch on whilst

Roelof slices the cake (courtesy of Pâtisserie Greep)

A crunching victory at the last round of the Hull Congress in 1994...

White - Roelof Westra      Black - Jonathan Arnott

...and 64 years ago, drawing with a world champion (in a simul!)

White - Mikhail Botvinniik           Black - Roelof Westra     

Some thoughts from SIMON PICKERING - one of John's great friends 


It is still not really sinking in that such a wonderful man has been taken from us way too early.

Lots of people from John’s work are devastated especially the ones that had a close relationship with him (most of whom considered themselves “his girls”) who he looked after in bad times and  they loved and looked after him as much as John would allow, baking biscuits, cakes etc that he would enthuse over. My other half Carolyn was very close to John and looked after him at work, letting  him do pretty much what he wanted because she knew that whatever John did was geared towards helping people, also knowing that he wouldn’t do anything that he didn’t want to anyway.   Carolyn tells me that at work John would make up client names and have people scurrying around to find the files on them, Jose Pipeband being a particular favourite of his.  He would have colleagues playing cricket with him in the building, leaping with joy at every wicket taken.


I am glad that John came round to our house in Hessle the Tuesday before this terrible accident, we drank beer (“his first in 44 days”) watched some of his loved music on YOU Tube and reminisced about cricket matches we had watched together, the love of Sherlock Holmes (“This is a three pipe problem”) and my lack of appreciation of Rothko (“It’s not emulsion you philistine”).


As with your good self I weep and bite the bottom lip at memories of John who would be shaking his head at “all the fuss.”


Please do keep in touch regarding my support of a lasting memorial at the club in John’s memory.


Your thoughts and recollections on knowing john are beautiful and bring me to tears as I type this, thank you for your loving words. The picture of John was taken at the Granby pub in Hessle where a few of us would meet most Saturdays to do our football bets, John’s of course being worked out on how far the away team had to travel or what he thought of the place.


On the subject of his funeral I have replied to a text from Rachel letting her know that the executor of his will has contacted us to inform us that it was John’s wishes not to have a funeral (typical John no fuss wanted).

I would hope that people could at some point meet together to celebrate his life whilst no doubt shedding some tears – let me know what you think.   [What a thing to look forward to in the Spring! - JGC]


Some people are going to sponsor the ball at HKR in John’s memory, when we can finally attend such events (most of whom are Black and white supporters – which will make him chuckle)