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The Club is mainly about young players enjoying the game. But we do want them to become strong chess players also.  This is our outline plan:  click here


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+ please let John Cooper know of any individual achievements to record and celebrate


Hull CC Junior Championship 

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A chance to play some slightly more serious games between now and February - and to win prizes!!

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Our worksheets

"Where are you starting from?"

"Let's Get Serious!"

Watch out for things to test your chess - more will be added here!

Chess Resources

IF you are short of or spot any resources that might help a junior to develop - please let us know, and we will try (no guarantees - and there will be limits of course!) to help from our Junior Fund.

This might mean:

  • Chess equipment

  • Chess books or software

  • Support to take part in an event

  • etc.

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If you have access to an internet connected computer**, and are comfortable with your child accessing the internet (or with supervising them to do so), we would strongly suggest registering them on the FREE Lichess site (if they are not already).  It is all free!  We believe it is a safe site - especially if used in Kid mode, as indicated below.


Step 1 - register your child on lichess, at  [Note: they are stuck with their Username once chosen (unless they register again) - so you might give this a little thought.  e.g. how recognisable you want it to be


Step 2 -  We advise that you set up your Child's account to 'Kid Mode'.  In Kid mode, all site communications are disabled - helping to protect your child from other internet users.  To do this: click on your child's username (top right of screen), click preferences, then enable kid mode (with a password)


Step 3 - Join the Hull CC Lichess team at:


The Club organises events on Lichess, but the menus near the top of the Lichess screen give kids access to a LOT of other useful training resources

** we would be very grateful to hear from parents whose children do not have internet access - to see if we can help the children get access to such chess sites in other ways

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How parents and carers can help!

  • Please feel free to take a seat and join in the chess in Friday evenings! - helping your child or others whilst at the Club!

  • If you have any ideas, news, updates or corrections - for this page, or for our Junior Club in general - please let John Cooper know (

  • Otherwise, many thanks for bringing your child to the Club to help them discover the game!


Have you read or seen (on netflix) "Queens Gambit" yet?!