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4NCL on-line triumph for Eco_Beat !!

(10/07/20 - 12/07/20)


Eco-Beat - our own Milosz Kasprzyk - came an excellent joint top in the recent 4NCL on-line U2000 Congress - scoring 4 out of 5 in the 45+15 games, and a performance rating of 2036.  Well done!!

Full details and games can be found at here -  and include the very entertaining game below

Excellent results also for Philip and Gabriel Wood, both scoring 3.5/5 in the U1700 section 

        White - Milosz Kasprzyk             Black - Dominic Gallagher                   4NCL On-line major, 45 + 15 game;  12/07/20

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A team of Hull Chess Club players - captained by Joe Varley, and helped powerfully buy guests  Alec Grice and Simon Smith of Beverley Chess Club - have triumphed in the ECF ENGLISH NATIONAL ONLINE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - Minor Section.  Well done to them!!

Thanks also to our own Stephen Greep and to Douglas Vleeshouwer for organising this ECF event.

The Bude match saw Simon Smith achieve an excellent draw against one of England's strongest ever players...IGM Dr John Nunn!

 Well done Woldsman!

        White - Simon Smith             Black - John Nunn IGM                    Lichess on-line, 45 + 15 game;  28/06/20

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And a very interesting game from the Captain​ Joe ...

        White - Joe Varley             Black - Christine Constable                    Lichess on-line, 45 + 15 game;  28/06/20

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Almost 60 years a member of our Club; the strongest player in Hull for many of those ; former Yorkshire Champion and British veterans Champion; still a nifty on-line player.

Happy Birthday from your friends at the Club Roelof! 

A crunching victory at the last round of the Hull Congress in 1994...

White - Roelof Westra      Black - Jonathan Arnott

...and 62 years ago, drawing with a world champion (in a simul!)

White - Mikhail Botvinniik           Black - Roelof Westra     

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