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Executive Committee Report 2019-2020 Season

 June , 2020

  1.  President’s Remarks


It has been possibly the most challenging year in the history of the club. We had experienced 4 venues and now entered the 21st century with an online presence for which we must thank Mr Cooper in his efforts in initially setting this up and then controlling weekly tournaments


As frustrating as its been to see the club championship and team chess splutter to a temporary halt I would like to thank all of you who has represented the club throughout the year. It would be nice to see a few more taking part on a Monday night and you will be almost guaranteed a week if paired with the president.


Until we get the go ahead from the government and our landlords we are unable to accurately plan for the future but rest assured the club will survive and grow in strength.


I look forward to next year’s AGM when we can meet face to face.




A summary of the accounts for the year ending June 1, 2020 are on the next page. 


These accounts have been audited and approved by Steve thrower.


Key Points on 2019-20 accounts:


  • We moved from running a deficit of £90 in  2018-19, to a surplus of £565 this year


  • This was mainly the result of a big increase in general donations from members (up £450) and reduced rent (down over £320)


  • Our bank balances increased by £1317 – to stand at £2738 -  this years, although that balance does included a Grant for Junior Chess (see below) from the H&DCA Trust – ring-fenced for spending and investment on Junior Chess 2020-21


  • 6 unpaid ECF fees (from 2019-20) had to be paid by the Club.  Three of these were for people who are no longer members of the Club and are inactive – so that it was not possible to collect this debt.  2 were covered by donations made for this specific purpose.  It is understood that two players more than 3 graded games did not join the ECF 2019-20.  The unpaid fees will be collected off these two members rather than coming form general Club funds

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